The Evolution of The Laptop Over the last 20 Years


Laptop computers have existed for a long time than most people think. These computers have evolved incredibly with time to the small, slim, powerful and varying designs in modern times. With the growth of mainframe computers, manufactures were thinking of designing small portable computers. The idea was not implemented with the IBM 5100 being the first portable computer. The IBM 5100 had a built in keyboard and screen but was hardly a laptop as seen today. This was just a computer that can be carried around as a unit.

pc hardware on white perspex

pc hardware on white perspex



Dulmison Company was the first to come up with a computer that had a keyboard and a hinged screen could fold on the keyboard. This was called the Dalmont Magnum. Although not successful, the Dalmont Magnum was a groundbreaking achievement and other competitors such as HP took advantage of the appealing design. It was until nearly 1900, Apple produced the PowerBook 100 with design features that could be copied by other players setting pace for the laptop design. With keyboard pushed back, the computer had a palm rest and room for the mouse buttons and the central trackball. There is not much variant in this design as seen in the modern laptops.



With the design set numerous players produced various laptops with small changes around the design. Some of the variations included varying screen sized of up to 17 inch, improved resolutions, improved storage, and disk drives including blue-ray drives, SSD hard drives and additional features such as Wi-Fi. These are now the common features seen in the modern laptops.



The introduction of the mini laptops came as an improvement to mobility compared to the netbooks. These mini laptops were up to standard with the netbooks machines but were small and light for ease of portability. The Asus Eee PC from Asus was the first netbook to be mass produced. They were small, came with a 7 inch screen and ran in Linux with all the feature of a laptop. These were cheap and attracted many users.13118292_1695304914068807_583555683_n



With the introduction of UltraBooks and tablets, the Eee PC faced competition from the small and lightweight computers that were more portable. Modern computer, combine laptop features and tablet features in one. The processing speed has been improved with some like the Dell XPS-12 processing at 3.1GHZ with high definition display with 12.5 inch touch screen. The screen is hinged at center and allows the screen to be detached without much effort.



Many modern laptops compete to improve portability, speed and power. With the powerful computers, it is now possible to run powerful operating systems such as windows 8 that is touch compatible. Other features added to the modern laptops include webcams with being infrared cams capable of taking pictures in the dark.



From the first portable computer, merely a laptop, it amazing how these devices have evolved and changed with time. With the various adjustments and improvements the modern laptop has replaced the powerful desktop, being a portable computer and can be used as a tablet. With the rapid changes in design and improved features, the laptop leaves one with curious of future designs.


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