Will The Laptop Replace The Desktop In the Future


There’s no denying that the future of technology is happening now. New innovations in computer technology are being released, manufactured, and thought of everyday by some of the world’s most creative minds. When it comes to computers, society has come a long way from the IBMs of the 50s and the floppy disks of the 70s. In fact, most of today’s youth will probably be unable to identify any of the hardware from the not so distant past. This trend begs to ask the question: will desktops eventually become nonexistent with the rise of today’s laptop innovations?



Computer Trends



Hardware systems have changed significantly since the first commercial computer was released in 1951. Not too long after, IBM released the 701 EDPM computers, which were general computing machines. Although computers were beginning to look more like the desktop as we know it today, it was still larger in size and missed some of the more familiar computer components. The computer mouse came several years later as did other parts such as disk drives. In the mid 70s, Apple released their first computers and began to shift the trend of desktop computers to have some form of aesthetic appeal. Commercial computers became smaller and smaller until they eventually became portable in the 80s. The hallmark release of the first laptop computers made it possible for information and computer technology to become completely mobile.e9fb3ccffdc38ae3569d03f11ad5044d-650-80



Replacing Desktops



Although there’s no arguing that desktop computers carry more power and features than laptops, some of the latest technology today points to laptops eventually becoming better than desktops all around. Some newer laptops are already better than some desktop models. Some laptops are produced solely to replace desktops. These are the most powerful of their kind, and most come with features that are common in desktops. Some of these features include larger screen sizes, dual hard drives, plenty of storage, and expansion ports. Some of the other hardware that can be used with laptops as well includes the following:


• Printers and scanners


• Mouse


• External hard drive


• CD/DVD/Blue-ray drive


• Full size keyboard



The Future499757-finding-a-home-office-desktop-replacement



There’s definitely no doubt that laptops will replace desktops in the future. Eventually, the bulky and immobile features of the desktop will be too unnecessary to deal with, especially with new laptops that can now basically perform the same, if not perform better. Just looking into websites such as www.apple.com and www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us will give anyone a glimpse into what’s to come in the future. Mobility is a benefit that is difficult to top, as is obvious with the development of new mobile technologies that are just beginning to expand. Laptops offer that kind of mobility that desktops just can’t.





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