Dell Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode

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Is your Dell monitor displaying a persistent black screen, leaving you puzzled and frustrated? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Many users encounter the perplexing issue of their Dell monitor getting stuck in power save mode. But we are here to shed light on this enigma and provide you with the knowledge you need to overcome it.

When your Dell monitor is trapped in power save mode, it essentially enters a state of energy conservation.

While this feature is designed to reduce power consumption, it can sometimes lead to confusion and hinder your productivity. 

In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore the root causes that trigger the power save mode, ranging from hardware issues to driver conflicts. 

Dell Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode – Possible Reasons

Here are the reasons why you Dell monitor keeps entering power save mode:

  • Inactivity: The system registers no activity over a prolonged period, causing it to enter power save mode.
  • Cable Connection: Incorrectly connected or damaged cables can disrupt the communication between the monitor and the computer.
  • Resolution Compatibility: Incompatibility between the monitor and the displayed resolution may trigger power save mode.
  • Hardware Issues: Problems with the RAM or CMOS battery can interfere with the normal functioning of the computer, leading to power save mode activation.
  • GPU-related Problems: Overheating or malfunctioning of the video card (GPU) can prompt the system to enter power save mode for protection.
  • Unstable Power Source: Fluctuations or irregularities in the power supply can force the computer into power save mode.
  • Power Settings: Misconfigured power settings can instruct the computer to enter power save mode prematurely or unnecessarily.
  • Windows Update: Issues stemming from a recent Windows update can disrupt the normal behaviour of the system and trigger power save mode.

Dell Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode Fixes


 Is your Dell monitor stubbornly stuck in power save mode, leaving you perplexed and seeking a solution? We have compiled a list of effective fixes to help you overcome this frustrating predicament.

Let’s dive right in:

Fix #1: Turn off USB Selective Suspend in Windows 10

  • Begin by accessing the Control Panel through the search menu.
  • Navigate to Hardware and Sound.
  • Select Power Options and click on Change plan settings.
  • Proceed to Change advanced power settings.
  • Locate USB Settings and expand it.
  • Look for USB Selective Settings and choose Disabled.
  • Save the changes by clicking OK and restart your dell laptop.
  • Verify if your Dell monitor still enters power save mode.

Fix #2: Disable Power Saving Settings

  • Open the Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound.
  • Choose Power Options and click on Change plan settings.
  • Select Edit plan settings.
  • Adjust the Turn off the display option to Never.
  • Similarly, set the Put the computer to sleep option to Never.
  • Confirm the changes by selecting Save Changes.
  • Restart your computer and observe if the power save mode problem persists.

Fix #3: Change the Motherboard Battery

  • Begin by opening the computer case and locating the battery on the motherboard. Ensure it is removable.
  • If the battery is secured by a metal clip, carefully slide it out from under the clip.
  • Take note of the battery’s specifications, including brand, voltage, wiring, and other details. Consider bringing the battery to a nearby tech store for identification.
  • Replace the old battery with the new one. Ensure it is firmly in place and reconnect all cables to their respective ports.
  • Power on the computer and proceed to reset all CMOS values to default.
  • Check if the power save mode problem has been resolved.

Dell Monitor Stuck in Power Save Mode FAQs

Why is my monitor staying in power save mode?

Your monitor may be staying in power save mode due to a configuration issue or a problem with the display settings on your computer. Check your power settings and ensure the monitor receives a signal from the computer.

How do I wake up my monitor from power save mode?

To wake your monitor from power save mode, try pressing any key on your keyboard or moving your mouse. This should signal the monitor and bring it back to regular operation.

Why is my monitor not turning on?

If your monitor is not turning on, first ensure it’s properly connected to a power source. If it’s connected correctly and still not turning on, there may be a hardware issue with the monitor or its power supply. Consider checking the power cable, trying a different outlet, or contacting technical support.

Wrapping up!

Dealing with a Dell monitor stuck in power save mode can be a frustrating experience. However, following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, you can resolve the issue and get your monitor back up and running efficiently.

Remember to check the power connections, adjust the power settings, update drivers, and test with different cables or ports. If the problem persists, contacting Dell support or seeking professional assistance may be necessary.

By taking proactive steps and troubleshooting the problem systematically, you can quickly overcome the power save mode issue and enjoy uninterrupted productivity or entertainment with your Dell monitor.

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